Watermelons and Thistles Book (Quantity 5 to 9)
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Where is home when you've traveled halfway around the world? Where is home where memories are all you have? Where is home when you find a new path? The Germans from Russia have been redefining the idea of home for over 200 years. They made home where they found themselves - among family, church, community, school and friends, wheather they stayed in their small communities or ventured to cities across the globe. The members of the North Star Chapter of Minnesota Germans from Russia explore these themes and more in their second anthology of essays reflecting on being children of three homelands in two centuries. Their respect for the past and hopes for the future are ever-constant, and these glimpses into the spaces they call home will recall memories we all hold dear. Note that prices are for shipment within the USA. Outside the USA email: caroljust@hotmail.com
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Watermelons and Thistles Book (Quantity 5 to 9)

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